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Breakfast Must Have Something To Do With Happiness!

If you do a research about the most important meal all around the world, the answer of the majority of the people will be breakfast. You can observe geographical differences by looking at the breakfast tables. If we take a closer look at it, we can conclude that the breakfast habits in continents and countries give us great clues about the culture and differences of that region. In this article, we wanted to give you a list of the delicious breakfasts from all around the world.

Let’s see the breakfast habits of countries.

Breakfast of Egypt is like a dinner. It is known as Ful Medames in Egypt and Sudan as a mixture of broad beans, chickpeas, garlic and lemon, which is a kind of meal that we call ‘cold soup’ in Turkey. It is served with boiled eggs and tahini on top.

The Japanese food culture is quite different like the Chinese culture. The Japanese people, who have their breakfasts on a floor table placed on a cushion called tatami, generally prefer eating rice, eggs, seaweed and tofu for breakfast. Miso soup, which consists of diverse and various ingredients, is also a frequently-consumed food. They prefer consuming quite light and low-calorie foods with green tea for breakfast.
Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind about France is croissant. The French people prefer a simple breakfast like us rather than a rich and varied breakfast. Croissants, baguettes, famous pain au chocolat, Pain au raisins that contains raisins or Cannele with cream together with hot chocolate or a warm espresso are their essential choises!
The Netherlands:
A classic breakfast in the Netherlands is Hagelslag topped with cream on bread, together with milk, fruit juice and coffee. For a sandwich, they frequently use cheese (kaas), Dutch sausage (worst) or hazelnut paste, which they call “pindakaas”.
The breakfast concept in Europe, which is dominated by sweet desserts, continues towards the north in Sweden as well. Blueberry sauce or strawberry sauce or whipped cream, if desired, on top of breakfast pancakes. Served together with milk or coffee.
Maybe the heaviest type of breakfast… Sometimes, they even eat a huge cheese pizza! Croissant served with cappuccino is also a must.
There is a quite familiar breakfast concept for us in Greece. As opposed to many other countries around the world; this type of breakfast includes a salad with a large amount of tomatoes and cucumbers as well as an addition of olive oil and salt, white cheese varieties, olives, bread, eggs or alternative fruits such as melon, watermelon, grapes or cherries etc. Pastries and particularly boreks are among the breakfast options available in Greece.
It consists of German sausage, cheese varieties and bread. Of course, there is a hero that accompanies these tastes: coffee!
It is a breakfast consisting of rosemary, potatoes, lentils, veggie sausage and banana toast. It is a matter of tastes, although it sounds a bit confusing.
Asian food culture is perhaps the most independent food culture in the entire world. The breakfast of Chinese people, who have quite different breakfasts as well as meals, usually consists of dumplings, which are boiled or fried dough pieces containing meat, vegetables, mushrooms and shrimps. Generally tea is preferred in breakfasts consisting of porridge, fried dough sticks and pancakes, which are made with rice and water and to which different ingredients can be made.
It consists of garlic, cheese or simply greasy ‘naan’ bread and yoghurt that is famous in northern India and Pakistan. Sometimes sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs or meatballs can be added.
The USA:
For breakfast, Americans generally choose to eat pancakes with maple syrup, toast or pancakes together with eggs, potatoes and bacon. It is not a mild meal, but it surely looks very delicious. Along with breakfast, orange juice is usually consumed and milk or coffee is also preferred.
And the Traditional Turkish Breakfast: Mado
Black tea brewed in slim glass, cheese types that vary according to the region, fried tomatoes and peppers, dressing the chopped cucumbers with olive oil and black pepper, tahini molasses and honey and cream are the essential ingredients… Butter, various jams, green and black olives with olive oil sprinkled on them, and surely fresh or toasted breads or bagels…
Another essential ingredient for breakfast is eggs! Boiled, fried eggs or menemen (Turkish omelet) with peppers and tomatoes are always in the middle of the table. Condiments such as acuka, meat products such as sucuk and pastrami, and gözleme (Turkish style pancakes) or böreks are also complementary to the breakfast.
Of course, you can experience the delicious breakfast options prepared with different varieties at Mado at any time of the day.