From The Past To The Present

The ice cream business that started with Osman Ağa gained a different dimension with his grandchildren Mehmet Kanbur, Atilla Kanbur and Erdal Kanbur. As a global brand in ice cream, MADO has been serving you since 1850, by moving from the streets to the shops, from the shops to the entire country and from the entire country to the entire world.

The snow that was collected by the unknown masters of Kahramanmaraş from the caves of the Kahramanmaraş Ahir Mountain was mixed with delicious molasses and fruit extracts and turned into a refreshing dessert called “Karsambaç” (Ice Slush). Over the years, this taste was enhanced and enriched with the additives such as milk, honey and salep and became an indispensable ice cream thanks to the mastery of Osman Ağa, one of the ancestors of the Kanbur Family. Started by Osman Ağa, the ice cream business has been continuing in the hands of its current representatives.

Ice Cream Requires Mastery

The people in Kahramanmaraş mixed salep with snow like Karsambaç (Ice Slush) on the days when they had plenty of fresh goat milk. Only some skilled masters were able to obtain consistency. This is how hand-churned ice cream making started. Its taste was pleasant but troublesome. This art was enhanced in the hands of some families, and took a different shape day by day. The experiences and secrets were conveyed from grandfather to grandchild. The Kanbur Family was one of the carriers of this tradition from grandfather to grandchild in the present time. The reputation of this taste that has been conveyed for generations started to increase many years ago.

A Journey of Taste from Karsambaş (Ice Slush) to the Present

The adventure, which started with the ice cream makers roaming in the streets to sell ice creams with their ice cream barrels, was moved to the colorfully-painted ice cream trucks, and then it was moved from there to the famous Yaşar Patisserie that became one of the symbols of Kahramanmaraş City.

Until the end of the 70’s, Kahramanmaraş Ice Cream was made in small-scale enterprises that were devoid of technical knowledge and modern equipment, through traditional methods and by hand-processing the ingredients. The milestone of the transition to technology for MADO was the ice factory opened in Kahramanmaraş in 1965. The factory was revolutionary for both the city and MADO in those years. In this way, it was possible to make ice cream in summer and winter, and ice cream lovers would not have to wait for the summer months to enjoy this unique taste.

Yaşar Kanbur, who was making and selling ice cream in a small shop next to the Aras Garage in the city, expanded his shop. In the same year, the first ice cream refrigerator was bought for the shop. This made it possible to keep ice cream in the cold days and nights, increasing the sales significantly. Initially, a lever-operated machine was used and then a motorized machine was started to be used. In 1970, automatic machines were bought for the ice cream shop. In 1980, Yaşar Patisserie was opened on the Trabzon Street. The technological developments in the sector in the country and abroad were closely followed up, and hard efforts were exerted to introduce the Mado brand to the world. New machines were ordered from Italy.

The staff did not sleep for many nights for the production of these machines because the different taste and consistency of Mado ice cream was important as it was hand churned and made with the traditional technique. As a result of many trials and patiently waiting, the machines were purchased. In 1983, the first technologic equipment was used, and ice cream production started. In 1984, MARDO Ice Creams were introduced to the market. In a space of 300 square meters, 200 kilograms of ice cream were made every day by 10-12 people. It was made at night and sold during the day. Initially, the target was the towns and villages around Kahramanmaraş City. After purchasing refrigerated vehicles, they went to distant cities. Ice cream was first sold in containers, then in cornets. Within 10 years, the Kanbur brothers made a rapid progress in the ice cream business. The actual transition to ice cream production by using technologic equipment took place in 1989. In the same year, a building that was used as a dairy factory was handed over to the Kanbur family as part of a privatization tender. The only purpose of the Kanbur family was to make the traditional ice cream inherited from their grandfather in this factory. Under the leadership of Atilla Kanbur, who studied engineering; MADO conducted a research with support from TÜBİTAK. The purpose of the research was to determine the formula of the mixtures that gave a unique taste to Kahramanmaraş hand-churned ice cream and played a role in its consistency. After the completion of this research, Kahramanmaraş ice cream was started to be produced in the factory by using the traditional hand-churned technique according to the scientific principles. With the creation of the MADO brand, the ice cream industry gained momentum in Kahramanmaraş.
Over the years, the company named Yaşar Dondurma ve Gıda Maddeleri A.Ş. has become a strong organization by acquiring many new companies and brands. Thanks to the knowledge and experience conveyed for generations; MADO has become a global brand in original industrial ice cream production.