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Self-Sweet Ice Creams With No Sugar Added

The MADO lovers are very lucky to enjoy the natural taste stemming from the fruits…

Based on the studies which demonstrate that sugar-free desserts have a positive effect on our health, we have developed a special flavor experience only for the MADO lovers, through our special ranges of ice creams with no sugar added.

We make our completely-natural ice creams, which do not contain any additives, from 100% real fruits; and we only use the sugar and honey contained in the fruits to sweeten our ice creams.

We offer our sugar-free and mild ice creams with black mulberry, dates, honey & almond and fig varieties, and give good news to all our guests who are on a diet, pay attention to healthy nutrition, seek for different tastes and have diabetes disease.

We preserve the originality of the fruits that we use with our delicate workmanship; without giving any concessions on our raw materials, we bring together those looking for natural tastes with our sweet ice creams made from honey.

All you need to do is to leave the sweet rush to us, and try to enjoy the natural flavor in its purest form with our ice creams, for which we use the extracts of fruits and honey to sweeten them.

Safely share the delicious moments with your beloved ones thanks to MADO, which cares about both your health and your tastes.


Our 100% natural, sugar-free “natural honey” ice cream with figs is made from the figs that we pick in the season, and it is famous for making those eating it love this ice cream variety immediately.


We have created a delicious ice cream for you by adding our love to our honey & almond ice cream, which we make by using 100% natural honey and special roasted crunchy almonds, without using any added sugar and any colorant, dye or similar additives. If you do not believe it, you can taste it now, it is completely sugar-free.


Date grains, which are nutritious as a source of health and vitality, turn into taste with the naturalness of Mado. Our ice creams, which we make out of 100 percent fresh natural milk, salep and real fruit grains, do not contain any added sugar, other than the sugar contained in the fruit itself and honey. Giving energy to consumers, our ice creams with dates are wonderful with their taste and vitality, and we are looking forward to presenting them to you as soon as possible.


You will not want to share this taste, which will blow your mind off thanks to its delicious taste, with anybody else, and you will enjoy being alone with a real ice cream pleasure. The flavor of our black mulberry ice creams, for which we use real fruit grains to sweeten them without any added sugar, derives from its naturalness.