From Karsambac to Ice Cream

The Ahir Mountain in K.Maras with its natural richness was the inspiration of Osman Ağa, who was the first master of the Kanbur family that started the adventure of the 167 year old K. Maras Ice Cream. ‘Karsambac’ is an ancient tradition, which, in summer months in Anatolia, is made by mixing the molasses and pulps, obtained through crushing and stewing various fruits, into the untouched snow gathered on the slopes and in the valleys of the mountains.

Osman Aga’s Karsambaç, which mixes pulps of carefully collected fruits into the snow brought from the Ahir Mountain by onerous work, is the first step towards the K. Maras Ice Cream. The milks, which have unmatched texture and aroma, of the goats grazing flowers like thyme, tragacanth, hyacinth, colchicum that are unique to this geography and the miraculous sahlep obtained from the roots of the wild orchid burls that spring from the soil provide a flavor, aroma and texture, which are impossible to imitate, for the K. Maras Ice Cream.

K. Maras Ice Cream Two cities in the world come to mind as ice cream is mentioned: one is Rome of Italy; the other is K. Maras of Turkey. Although the Roman ice cream has been known and consumed for many years in many countries and imitated in most countries, this is not the case for the K. Maras Ice Cream. The famous K.Maras ice cream of Turkey, which has been consumed in European and Middle Eastern countries for the last 20 years, is a product of a 300 years old deeply rooted flavor culture that is unique to Anatolian territory and can only be produced in K.Maras.

Tradition of 167 Years The journey, which started with peddler icemen circulating around neighborhoods with ice cream drums on shoulders, has continued with colorful painted and tinted ice cream cars and then with the famous Yaşar Patisserie that has become one of the symbols of K.Maras. This flavor, having reached its 167th year and gone through many phases in years, has become a powerful structure encompassing many companies and brands within the Yaşar Ice Cream and Food Stuff Inc.

These brands, which are the cornerstones of the adventure going on for five generations, are continuing the taste journey, enjoying and exhilarating.

From Past to Present It starts at a shop of 25 m2 in K.Maras. In the first shop of the Yaşar Dondurma, founded in 1962, the snow brought from the Mount Ahir is preserved from quick melting by using mature or milled rice husk. The snow rolled over in sleeved machines is processed with hand labor and patience. The craftsmanship of the master is revealed there. It is materials used as well as master hands which give texture and taste to the ice cream. Over time, they start making ice cream with ice due to the difficulty of finding snow.

The first important step in the way of MADO becoming a world brand is taken as the Yaşar Patisserie. The Yasar Patisserie has been an important cornerstone in the multi-faceted and effective representation of the 165 years of experience through a world-class brand, because this place is the first where the generosity of the nature and human labor and patience have met with the lovers of ice cream. The ice factory, opened in K.Maras in 1965, is as important for MADO as it is for the region. A small shop where production is maintained is enlarged and its production capacity is increased. In the same year, a ‘deep freezer’ is brought to the shop, whereby the ice cream day and night is preserved at the required cold. These developments do not diminish anything from the taste and quality of MADO and then the Yasar Patisserie, which makes a cradle for the MADO Ice Cream to attain to the present fame, opens in Trabzon Caddesi in 1980. The first patisserie has been the pride of the city and is a very valuable step towards becoming one of the biggest brands of the country.

In 1986, MADO started a new process by transforming the traditional ancestral factories into modern facilities that will respond to the necessities of the time. When it came to 1989, foundations of a marketing activity at the world scale have been laid through incorporating the facilities of the Turkish Dairy Industry Institution into the Yaşar Ice Cream and Food Stuff Inc.

Today, more than five thousand people including hundreds of executives and specialists are working in the modern facilities, which are based on an area of 33 thousand m2 and have a closed area of 6.500 m2.

The facilities have a world-class, meticulous and healthy production environment. Production and inspection equipment that have the latest technology used in the world ice cream sector have been mobilized to fulfill all requirements of superior quality authentic and market-type impulse ice cream production. From lemon to raspberry, from banana to walnut, from cherry to apple, five tones of ice cream are produced per hour, and after quality inspections are taken into preservation in cold storage houses of over 2000 m2. Distribution is carried out through a special fleet consisting of over 100 refrigerated vehicles of various sizes.

The Secret of the Unique Taste, MADO Ice cream The secret of Mado Ice Cream’s special texture and unique flavor is the milk of goat grazing tragacanth, thyme and wild orchid flowers growing in the plateaus of Ahir Mountain, close to clouds, and the sahlep carefully picked up from these orchid burls!

But there is one more thing that is worthwhile in this secret: the patience exerte d by the master to achieve perfect texture, who knows the pleasure given to taste buds by instant taste!

Real Ice Cream demands Craftsmanship The secret that the MADO ice cream is the world’s hardest and most intense ice cream is the craftsmanship of pounding. The ice cream produced through pounding is elastic and intense like gum. The ice cream, cut with a knife and eaten by biting, dissolves immediately in the mouth as opposed to this stiffness. The pounded ice cream is hanged on the butcher hook and served by cutting with a chopper knife.

Our First Branch is Mado Café Caddebostan

In order to reach different points of Turkey and the world, we launched the first chain ring with our concept store which we opened in 1992 in Caddebostan, Istanbul The transition to cafe ice cream sellership in Turkey started with this first cafe. We also provided for the emergence of new habits in cafés, transforming the ice cream into a desert that is independent of season. We created a rich menu at MADO cafes by including, in addition to the ice cream, milk desserts, pies, sorbet desserts, sahlep and various beverages. We responded to different requests, we received great interest from our guests. This interest did not remain unrewarded and in the first six months, and we became an important franchising brand with a chain of 20 dealers.

MADO CAFE, playing a crucial role in the development of the food sector in Turkey, has pioneered many innovations that would be considered as revolution in the sector, establishing the first domestic franchising system. Many applications that lead the sector on numerous issues like traceability in supply and sustainability, quality, hygiene and food safety in ice cream cafe industry bear the signature of it. We meet you in many places at home as well as abroad. In return for our not compromising our standard and quality, we received the Award of Turkey’s Trademark Best Practicing the Franchising System, in 2001.

As of January 2017, we have started to operate in 330 dealers in 52 provinces at home and at 55 locations in 20 countries abroad. In the first period of the year 2017, we expect 30 more dealers at home and 25 more dealers abroad to become operational and expect us to get one step closer to the goal of growing abroad with new projects within the year. We are increasing our brand awareness day by day in the Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates. Through our dealer to open in Greece we have begun to have our name mentioned in European countries too. It is supported by our factory established in Bulgaria...

Over a year, in average, we receive more than 1000 franchise applications for Turkey and more than 500 Master franchise applications for international markets. Our being the leader of the market is due to the power and reliability of our trademark, the potential of growth in the ice cream market, the continuity of the market, the return on investments in a very short time, the variety of fresh, high quality, healthy and delicious products.

That is why those who have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for success, those who have experience in human management and financial management, those who have a successful work experience, those who have the desire and means to spend all their time and power for the management of Mado Cafe and those who have the financial resources required by the Mado trademark are obtaining franchise from MADO. And those obtaining franchise from MADO, while, by benefiting from MADO expertise and experience, they have a risk-reduced business that they can rely on, thanks to the greatness of the Mado family take advantage of enjoying rich human relationships.

Our Franchising system is based on the MADO CAFE licensed management system. With this license, franchise, under the name of MADO CAFE trademark, starts to work, in result of the feasibility studies conducted by our expert teams on proposals made by franchise entrepreneurs for location, according to work flow planning and eligibility of investment conditions.

Application details of the location approved by the MADO franchise team are planned by the “Architectural Project Team” and its construction, decoration and equipment works are determined.

MADO is a chain of Ice Cream Cafes all over the world, which has a strong trademark value and has differentiated by its successful operation that does not compromise quality. One of the most important elements in achieving this quality and success is our mutual trust with our operators and our principle of working based on team play.

Foreign Franchising System Mado, which has made the K.Maraş Ice Cream known in the world, presents to foreign investment partners, through the Master Foreign Franchise Agreement, different kinds of menus designed according to domestic consumption habits and priority ice cream. Mado Cafe has a deep-rooted reputation of consistently producing natural, high-quality ice cream and first-class guest satisfaction. It offers an excellent ice cream, dessert, food and drink. MADO Café chain operates in more than 370 branches in Turkey and in the world. It has an important position of the Premium and Premium plus concept, which opens doors for inclusion in a reliable, innovative, honest, strong family...

If the country and places proposed by the investor are evaluated as favorable in result of the feasibility conducted by our expert team, the goodwill contract is signed. With the determination of the place, the “Licensed Master Franchise Contract” is drawn up. Then, the project having been drawn by “the Architectural Project Team”, implementation starts. Our project, having been controlled and, high quality standards applied, comes to the last phase. The opening process starts through commencing our operation and marketing activities...

Our aim is to be the first preferred trademark and concept in the world. The main pillar of our strategic approach is based on the creation of a strong “Trademark Value”. It is one of the fastest growing franchise concepts in Europe. MADO is the market leader in Turkey, far beyond the international and local brands. It is in a position of niche concept among Premium Cafés offering traditional flavors. This is also reflected in sales. While ice cream takes about 40% of gross sales, drinks take 25-30%.

Our style our difference We have 5 MADO store concepts working under 2 main categories

Cafe Concepts

Premium Plus The open and closed area is over 400 m2. It has garden and terrace. In case it is located on the main street or at shopping centers, its entrance shall be on the ground floor. (It shall also have entrance from outside the shopping center). The façade width shall be at least 8m (it shall have front area). There is VIP lounge and children’s playground. 65-85 m2 warehouse area is required. (Cold storage area 40-50 m2, Dry storage area 25-35 m2). It shall have at least 40-60 m2 kitchen. It shall have menu of widest product range. It works with at least 40 staff. Parking is available or shall offer valet service.

+ Implementation shall be according to the instructions and directions of the architectural concept team.

Premium Its open and closed area shall be between 250m2 - 399m2. There is a garden or terrace. In case it is located on the main street or at shopping centers, it shall be on the ground floor. (It shall also have entrance from outside the shopping center). The façade width shall be at least 5m (it shall have front area). There is VIP lounge or children’s playground. 40-60 m2 warehouse area is required. (Cold warehouse area 25-35 m2, Dry warehouse area 15-25 m2). It shall have at least 30-50 m2 kitchen. It shall have menu of middle product range. (Ice creams, desserts, breakfasts, drinks, meals are less than the Premium Plus concept.) It works with at least 30 staff. Parking is available or shall offer valet service..

+ Implementation shall be according to the instructions and directions of the architectural concept team.

Shopping Mall Concepts

Corner It has an area of between 60m2 - 200m2. At least 20-30 m2 warehouse area is required. It shall have at least 10-15 tables. It works with at least 8 staff. As Product Range; it includes ice cream, dessert, pastry, drink and sandwich flavors. It has “take away” products.

+ Implementation shall be according to the instructions and directions of the architectural concept team.

Kiosk It has 20m2 - 59m2 areas. 10-20 m2 warehouse area is required or there should be Cafe concept store in AVM. It works with at least 6 staff. As Product Range; Ice-cream, dessert, pastry, drink. It has “Take away” products.

Stand It has 5m2 - 19m2 areas. It works with at least 3 staff. Product range with alternative; Ice Cream or Hot Dessert or Hot-Cold Drinks. There are “take away” products.

+ Implementation shall be according to the instructions and directions of the architectural concept team.

THE TRADEMARKS, which add different dimensions to modern ice cream with their unique flavors and different product varieties, are the products of the tradition of three hundred years ice cream sellership feeding from the miraculous beauties of Maraş’s famous Ahir Mountain. The KANBUR Family who rendered ice cream production an art made a significant contribution to this flavor adventure’s reaching today. Today they sustain the adventure, which they started as peddler ice cream sellership over three hundred years ago, under the roof of a giant industrial complex that produces flavors the whole world passionately look for.

MARDO, is a trademark that we developed under Yaşar Ice Cream to meet the demand from the impulse ice cream segment. MARDO sells through cafes and markets in the Southeast and Eastern Anatolia Regions.

İCEMAR is our trademark that the cafes in the service sector apply to increase product standard and quality; that has been developed to meet the fast food expectations of young people; that presents, besides rich ice cream varieties, pastry, milk desserts and börek varieties. You can also find ICEMAR products in the retail sector.

SOMUNCU CAFE, which open up to the world in the ice cream sector and was established under Yaşar Ice Cream and Food Inc., has a wide range of products. Somuncu Cafe, which, besides its distinguished dishes, keeps 42 kinds of bread, 15 kinds of galeta and 32 kinds of cookies always hot, has an oven concept in which every product is always hot. Our guests coming to the café can taste our ice cream and syrup desserts, and have a pleasant time in a decent environment where nostalgia and contemporarity are decorated wthin one another.

MARAX CAFE is our brand in which we have brought together the secret of the flavor remaining from the ancestors with the novelty. Marax Cafe with its concept, in which there are a lot of flavors ranging from warm böreks freshly coming from the oven to hand-made poğaças, from cookie preferences to ice cream varieties and which we have created mostly for young people, constitutes the most dynamic ring of our brand chain.

MARSU Water is naturality for MADO. It is purity soaking from mountains. It is the greatest gift, love and sharing given by nature. MARSU, our pure and clear water born from the famous Arkıt source of K.Maraş with its untouched nature and babbling resources, is one of our brands we consider most important. This water, which comes from mountains covered by thousands of trees and full of oxygen, is bottled untouched at MADO MARSU facilities that were established with the newest technologies in K.Maraş Tekir. MADO, which correctly utilizes water resources for a beautiful future and healthy food, obtains MARSU from its ARKIT source at an altitude of 1213 meters. with its balanced content and natural minerals. The natural spring water MARSU, which reaches the factory with a 4.5 meter supply pipe, is produced in its integrated plants with fully automatic machines.

KÜNEFECİ MADO’s journey of flavor starting in K.MARAŞ continues to develop day by day. “Künefeci”, the newest brand of Yaşar Ice Cream and Food Inc., is one of these. The reputation of the “Künefeci”, which has entered into service with the aim of having the world especially the Arab countries taste the legendary Turkish flavors, has begun to be heard ... KÜNEFECİ. Kunafahs are prepared with care and the best quality materials collected from Anatolia. For kunafah, first the wheat grown in K.Maraş is grounded in stone mill and obtained hard wheat is used in raw material of kadayıf. The cheese, which is high in nutritional value, is one of the indispensable flavors of our special kunafah. While our kunafah prepared carefully for our guests, is served warm and with Mado ice cream beside it; pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts accompany this taste according to the preference of the people.

MADO ICE CREAM It addresses those who are fond of flavor through our unique flavors such as our rich selection of ice creams, which have wide range of concepts and varieties with special offers, kunafah, waffle, homemade lemonades and ice-cream drink. We are aiming to reach everywhere in Europe with our brand.